About the parish

Due to COVID19 social distancing will be observed at Parish Council meetings. Agendas for Parish Council meetings will be posted here and on the noticeboards in the parish. We look forward to welcoming any members of the public who wish to attend our meetings.

St Issey and Little Petherick parish comprises an area between Wadebridge and Padstow - and has around 698 residents. There are 2 churches and a primary school. 2 village halls and a well used recreation ground and childrens play area.

See the above tab CONSULTATION ON PLANNING APPLICATIONS for Emergency Scheme of Delegation to enable you to provide comments to the Parish Council on Planning Applications during periods when virtual meetings are being held. (Note you should still send in your comments to Cornwall Council planning dept.)

Virtual meetings


The St Issey Parish Council will adopt the following procedure, as advised by the CALC, should the Parish Council have to hold virtual meetings, until such time as our normal meetings can continue:


That the Council delegates authority to the Clerk in consultation with the Chairman and Vice Chairman to take any actions necessary with associated expenditure to protect the interests of the community and ensure council business continuity during the period of the COVID 19 pandemic, informed by consultation with the members of the council.

Little Petherick Church

St Issey Church and War Memorial

A view of the parish